Trump Wins.. and the Church does what? (part 1)

Donald Trump has just been elected the 45th President of the United States of America. Church leaders from all denominations called throughout this election cycle for Christians to either deny support of Trump, support Trump, or deny support to both as unqualified. There will no doubt now be many articles and posts (such as mine…) predicting, bemoaning, or guiding the Church as to what she should do now. What should the Church do now that Trump is President-elect? Nothing…… absolutely nothing.

I mean nothing in the sense of our reaction to this election result as to the business of the Church or our devotion as a Christian. I would have said the same thing if it her Hilary Clinton had won the election. I’m going to divide this topic into two posts. This post I want to focus on how we should ‘think’ about this election result as it concerns the Church and her business. So first of all, what should my mental reaction be as a Christian over Trump being president-elect?

1. Jesus Builds the Church, not Politics

Jesus gave a clear promise to Simon Peter that carries throughout all time in Matthew 16:18. Jesus says to Peter that he would be one of the key pillars, and his confession of Jesus as Savior would be the foundation upon which Jesus builds His Church. Jesus promised that it would be Himself who builds the Church, not a government that gets its policies right or a candidate that happens to be Christian.

So it matters not what political party is in charge, or whether or not you supported the candidate, Jesus has promised none of these things affect the building and lasting of His Church. Why?

Because the Church is not (and should not be) a political movement. The Church is rooted in the confession of Jesus as the Christ, Savior from sins.

The Church is built upon the Gospel of Jesus, not politics.

2. Jesus promised the Church would be eternal

Jesus said something else monumental in this verse. After Jesus says to Peter that upon this rock He would build His [Jesus’] Church, Jesus says, “and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” (NASB). Hades here does not mean the lake of fire and brimstone what we think of as Hell. Jesus promised in this phrase that not even death itself, or the nether world (Hades) could overpower the Church. We think of death as final, and that once someone has died, then everything has come to end for them. Jesus was saying that the Church will never die!

So for our reflection on the results of the election and whether or not you wanted Trump or Clinton to win, it does not matter as far as the life of the Church is concerned.

The Church does not exist or continue to exist because of a particular government or set of policies. The Church exists because Jesus Christ said it would always exist, and He will be the One who sees to it for all eternity!

I want to encourage Christians who are either excited or disappointed over Tuesday’s election results to guard your mind by remembering those two promises Jesus made in Matthew 16:18. Remember that Trump nor Clinton have anything to do with the building up and life of the Church. The Church’s life is all in the hands of Jesus Christ, and He already told us it will be eternal.

So Christians, we forge on no matter what in our devotion to the Lord and service through His Church to reach the lost with the Gospel. Politics changes nothing for our mindset and devotion.

We can have our political opinions and we certainly have a right in this country to cast our votes and line up on various political sides. However, politics of the day must never overshadow the business of the Church. We must remember the Church is Jesus’ Church, not the government’s. Governments rise and fall, and political parties come and go, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church it builds remains eternal.



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